Puerto Rico: A Day at Old San Juan

It's been a while since I've returned back to NYC from my motherland - Puerto Rico.
With its different tropical scenes, and intriguing culture Puerto Rico is a Caribbean treasure. Following two weeks on the Isla Del Encanto (Island of Enchantment), I found the opportunity to experience a lot of what the island offered and I was amazed! Need to exploit Puerto Rico yet simply have a few days to explore? Don't stress! I have all of the highlights you need to get the best out of this marvelous Island.
WEATHER: Puerto Rico appreciates all-year summer temperatures, a normal yearly temperature of 80 degrees (26°C). The pinnacle vacation season is between December and April because of the cold climate in the majority of the U.S. and the festivities done during the holidays. July and August are also another peak when tourists visit. The best time to stay away from the crowds is between May and November.
DRESSING: light and loose clothing is the best wagered all year for Puerto Rico's warm tropical weather. I packed many light-colored dresses, skirts, tops, sandals, etc. since wearing lighter colors is better than wearing dark colors since dark colors absorb heat and light colors reflect off heat.
 If you intend to visit the local mountains or for cool season nighttime, pack a sweater or long sleeve. OH! and bug/mosquito repellent, too. Below I added a few examples of outfits and accessories that are appropriate for the weather in Puerto Rico:

Exploring Old San Juan in a day can be summarized in a singular word: wonderful. With seven days to spend here, I expected to see and do as much as possible. With the help of my family, I had an awesome time traversing the best of Old San Juan.
Old San Juan is a cultural location for tourism and draws in numerous visitors, where you can appreciate the lively music, fairytale-like beaches, tropical climate, and sweet atmosphere. When I arrived, I halted at a store for a guide and found exactly how little and explorable this beautiful island truly is. With only a 7-square-block area of noteworthy structures, colorful buildings in each shade of the rainbow, and sights, you can without a doubt create the best moments in an entire day *or two*. A foot tour for the individuals who truly want to encounter the best of OSJ is recommended, particularly given the fact that the narrow streets are crowded with people and heavy traffic.

My family and I resided at a modern condo that is located at the heart of Old San Juan. We completely cherished our stay in this area. The spot was open and elegantly outfitted. At the point when we showed up the space was spotless. The enormous table and open-floor space between the living room and kitchen enabled my family to spend quality time with one another eating cooked-in meals, and enjoying the delicious food from the local restaurants. The patio provided a magnificent view of the city while also providing an ambient space where you can truly intake the beauty that you're in. The area of this Air BnB truly gives you a phenomenal vibe of what it is to be in a neighborhood in Old San Juan. Its nearness to amazing noteworthy destinations like El Morro, Plaza San Jose, The Old San Juan door, The Cathedral, and nearby beaches, for example, Escambron Beach, was amazing! I give this place a thumbs up.

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For one thing, breakfast at MALLORCA is a must! It's a Bakery introducing all-day breakfast and world-class coffee. I was yearning for a Mallorca for breakfast and this place came enthusiastically prescribed. We were situated immediately and the server appeared to be a sweet man. A man of barely any words who strolled around at his own pace grinning endlessly. The servers wore minimal dark vests and white shirts for a tasteful old-fashioned look. You pay upfront at the cashier when you get the check from the server.
The Mallorca - I ordered the Jamon cocido (cooked ham) and queso suizo (Swiss cheese). The surface was flaky and thin, yet when I took bite it was puffy-baked thick and rich. Difficult to portray truly. Extremely delicate. As I looked at my surroundings I saw a few people were gobbling it with forks but I grabbed it and munched it down like a sandwich ought to be eaten. The ham and Swiss cheese was counterbalanced by the sweet powdered sugar on top for a sweet, generous breakfast. I insist that you try a Mallorca. They're super good!
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CHOCOBAR is a cafe located in the heart of Old San Juan. You must visit this place! Whether its for brunch or just for some dessert, it is super good! There is a fun ambiance filled with the aroma of cocoa and a constant wave of people. Not to mention, very friendly service. 
I started out with an order of the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted. It was the perfect balance of rich and creamy and to add to the pleasure, you had the option of putting in a cheese that melted gracefully inside to give it an extra kick. In addition, they have low-sugar and sugar-free hot chocolate options for dieters/diabetics, so there is nobody left behind (unless they're lactose intolerant lol). Next, I had strawberry waffles, which were also mouth-watering.

My first stop was El Castillo San Felipe del Morro, all the more generally known as El Morro, built during the 1500s as a military structure. At the point when you see this fortress very closely, it is extremely difficult to envision how a lot of work was associated with building this brilliant structure. It's immense, it's strong, and it has been around for a long time. It is a piece of the national park administration and there's a small fee to get in. However, that additionally incorporates admission to Castillo de San Cristobal. It's pleasant to stroll around and see all the various spaces, various levels, and various ways the fortress was utilized to safeguard the city. 
** COOL NOTE! Old San Juan provides a free trolley service to get you around the city. The trolley runs every day and arrives every 15 minutes beginning at 7:00am on Mondays - Fridays, and 9:00am on Saturdays and Sundays.

You cannot roam around Puerto Rico without having one of their known fritter dish - ALCAPURRIAS! I stumbled across this place while venturing through Old San Juan. The lively salsa music grabbed my attention and I was drawn into this little vibrant blue street. This is the type of place that you go with your family, friends, or significant other. There's great local food and drinks and not to mention their alcapurrias are delicious and huge! Although the place is not luxurious, the menu featured traditional Puerto Rican food for reasonable prices, and the portion sizes were generous too. Plus, there is a great view of the nearby areas such as La Perla, the ocean, etc. and if you go during the day you can capture great pictures, and encounter wonderful people. You'll definitely enjoy it!

I spent an afternoon here looking for a place to swim. It was perfect! The palm trees provided shade, the sea wall and rocks allowed people to calmly swim in the clear water and there were fish to swim with. Definitely bring goggles or a snorkel if you want to have fun chasing the little guppies lol. I would also suggest water shoes, it's a bit rocky, depending on where on the beach you're swimming.
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After a long day of strolling around Old San Juan and beach hopping, my last stop was at SeƱor Paleta for a delicious popsicle. This place has a variety of flavors that make it hard to choose one. Then, the fun starts by adding any topping(s) you'd like. After a long 5 minutes of deciding which flavor to choose from, I went with the Dulce De Leche paleta. This place is an absolute must when visiting San Juan. However, make sure to eat it quick, because the weather will have it melting quick! I can't wait to visit again and try a different flavor.
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Dear OSJ, here is my love letter to you. I don't know what captured me more. Maybe, it was your delicious food, your kind people, your clear water beaches, or your colorful buildings. You have a piece of my heart and I am happy that my heritage gets traced back to you. Will I see you again? Most definitely I will!


  1. I love all the photos and the way you detailed the guide - you are so inspiring!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Your support means a lot to me. ❤️

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