I absolutely love Eggloo! The concept of ice cream and waffles just equals perfection. Everything looked mouthwatering and it was! The price is pretty decent as well. For $8-9 you can make your own Eggloo: pick your waffle, ice cream flavor, drizzle, and unlimited toppings. Everything is made fresh, so it takes a bit of time to receive your order. (I estimate 5-10 minutes depending how busy it is) They have both scoops and soft serve of ice cream, with an unlimited amount of toppings to add.
I chose a scoop of vanilla ice cream in an original waffle, with Oreos, whip cream, and condensed milk. The waffle was crunchy and chewy, and it was still hot from being freshly made. Nothing here is pre-made either.  The toppings were fresh as well.
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As far as the exterior and interior of the place, there isn't much space to sit in the shop since it is a small shop. However, there is a park right across the street that you can go to and enjoy your dessert which is also a plus. It was a beautiful day and I was able to grab a seat at the park. This is one of the places that I would bring someone visiting NYC. the overall experience eating this dessert was satisfying to my tummy 😋  The design was pretty and it is Instagram worthy lol. I would definitely go back again. 

If you would like to check their website for more details feel free to check it out:

 Natalis L.

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