Hello, Sunshine


 These royal blue heels are a great piece of mine that I love! They are absolutely gorgeous to me.

I spotted them one day when I was shopping and as soon as my eyes met with the shiny stems on them I knew to speed up to see if they had my size - They are Ted Baker. I grabbed them right away, headed towards the fitting room and fell in love instantly as soon as I inserted my feet into the shoe and saw them in the reflection of the mirror.

Next, is my Kate Spade handbag that I purchased online during a special event sale for those who are subscribed to them. At the time, I was on the search for a handbag that had two neutral colors on it. Suddenly, while scrolling down I saw the Handbag and decided to buy it since I loved how the beige and yellow looked together. I am glad that I bought it because it was on sale for a limited time only! And it matches with the majority of clothing that I have in my wardrobe.

Last but not least, is the dress that I purchased from NY&Co. It's called the Sabrina Dress. It includes a self-tie floral scarf which gives the dress a sweet touch. I truly love incorporating floral accents to my outfits since I LOVE flowers. (Yes, I am a flower girl! 🌼 🌸 🌺 ) Overall, the dress is very comfy to wear on a nice warm or hot day since the material of the dress is lightweight.

(Luke 1:45)


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